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Useful Software & Other Links

McGill Enhanced

McGill Enhanced is a browser extension that makes life at McGill infinitely easier and includes features such as: 

  • One-click course registration from VSB 

  • Quick links to VSB, Minerva, & more

  • Crowd-sourced course averages 

  • & a ton of other useful stuff 

Check crowd levels on campus

See how crowded it is in the libraries before you trek across town when it's -18 C. 

Virtual Microscope

A open educational resource virtual microscope for the earth sciences so you can practice online. Super useful in mineralogy and petrography!


Alex Strekeisen

This site is the holy grail of rock & mineral identification info. Each page consists of two parts, descriptive (an exhaustive explanation of the mineral phase) and visual (high-resolution photographs); the information contained on the pages are taken from various university textbooks and scientific papers, cited throughout the text. 


Seat Alert

Can't get into the class you want? Sick of refreshing VSB? Use seat alert to find out when a spot opens in the class of your dreams.


Matlab is a EPS student's bread & butter for creating colourful graphs, figures, & anything else you could need or imagine (such as boring stuff like data processing). In short, it's a programming language for the geosciences. 

Google Earth

Just generally useful and lots of fun to play around with when you're bored in class. 

GeoMap App

Lots & lots of maps from geomagnetic anomalies to earthquake depths to extraterrestrial geology. You'll need an updated version of Java installed on your computer for the software to work. 


Nobody wants to do stereonets by hand, plain & simple. The creator, Rick Allmendinger, has also created a ton of other useful geoscience software.

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