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On this page, you can find everything from a guide to Montreal, useful websites, and info about McGill software licenses. 

Monty MS Teams

Maybe, you want to check out courses in advance of registration. You're in luck! Monty maintains an up-to-date list of exciting course syllabi for you to peruse! It’s available on the shared MS Teams account that all members can access (under ‘Course info’; if for some reason you don’t have access, let any Exec know and they’ll fix it). The Teams and the lounge itself both host a wealth of other resources, including textbooks and reference materials.

Guide to Montreal 

New to Montréal (Tiohtià:ke), home of the world’s best bagels? Trying to figure out the transit system, the French language and how to survive the winters? Look no further – one EPS graduate student has compiled an all-encompassing survival kit for you. This document covers everything you need to know to get along in the city, including:

  • Boroughs of Montreal 

  • Public markets of Montreal  

  • Language tips 

  • The transit system (how to get your reduced fair student transit card) 

  • Hydro (electricity), banks, and cell phone providers 

  • Weather 

  • Groceries and depanneurs 

  • Budget eats 

  • Shopping & Thrifting 

  • Fun stuff to do 

  • Architecture  

  • Resources and links

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